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August 02, 2011

French Fries Pendant Necklace.

 Londoner Louise Gray  is known for her bright patterns and feminine dresses, is branching out into jewellery. 

Her quirky first collection, made in collaboration with ASOS, is available now.

Gray is a graduate of the prestigious Central Saint Martins college and originally from Scotland. 
She has always loved jewelry and right now, wears lots of it. In addition to wearing her wedding band on a daily basis, she also piles on, "up to 20 bangles and plenty of necklaces" admitting that last week, she "wore at least 4 necklaces everyday."

Her new collection has already proved very popular with the public, with 10 gold plated pieces from £35 to £165. 

Bing Bang Feather Necklace.
Bing Bang Feather Necklace.

Smiley Ball Face Pendant Necklace.
My personal favourite,
The Lion Face Pendant Necklace.

The collection is available here.


  1. These are so ultra cute, I'm ordering the Smiley face necklace when I get paid!!

  2. the lion one is so sweet, but soooooooo overpriced!!


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