Flower Fresco for Perrier-Jouët Cuvée's

October 17, 2011

These great flower frescoes are a work of art created by Jo Lynn Alcorn for the print campaign of French champagne Perrier-Jouët.

Alcorn's enchanted imagination has been set loose and cast upon the job of having to create an equally elegant advert to celebrate the character of each Cuvée.

Five fluttering decorations were made for the collection, all hand cut from paper.  

It's true what they say, simplicity can sometimes produce the most beautiful creations. 


  1. Oh they are just gorgeous! What beautiful creations :)

  2. Those are stunning, there's an art gallery near where I live that's showing 3D paper flowers and they're amazing. I always enjoy your comments, thank you so much :)

  3. Perrier Jouet is one of my favourite champages (and not just because of the amazign bottles!)


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