Golden Geese and Guilted Grapes

November 01, 2011

 Food finish is the world's first food colouring in a spray can, giving you the chance to transform your culinary feats into works of precious art. 

The spray is certified as edible and tasteless, so is completely safe to use. 

The stockists of the food colorant, The Deli Garage, decided to create a golden Turkey fit to impress any in law visiting for Christmas Lunch -looks as good as a golden goose eh?

Just spray and chrome your toast, gild your tomatoes, or plate a steak - food finish adds a shine to anything that comes under its nozzle in the kitchen.

Like with real paint, it’s best to apply several thin layers for a perfect finish.

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  1. yes! love the idea! like a glam food :) sparkle and great finishing !!!!

    kisses dear !



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