A Flask Full of Fun

March 26, 2012

These beautiful risograph prints by Sister Arrow are available at Many Hands.

Sister Arrow is an artist and illustrator working with drawing, painting and animation.

Her inspirations include nature, metaphysics, sci-fi, primitive life, caves and Japan. She is the creator of an imaginary pygmy cultivar super-race called Sumo Babies.

Working with themes of preservation, display and discovery of hidden information, often in reference to ethnobotany, her new paintings and prints explore theories of the 4th dimension, wormholes, and the quantum world.

Clients include: Island records, Dazed & Confused, V&A Museum, Okido Magazine, Florence & the Machine, Friendly Fires, Sunday Best records.

The two works of art are soon to be the next addition to my growing furniture and art collection for my new flat.

If you see anything similar please leave a link through the comments box -Thankyou!

Zoo Flask £20
Terrarium £15

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