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March 01, 2012

Simon Rimmer.
At the begunning of the month I was lucky enough to join 9 other bloggers at an event run by The One Foundation in the heart of Clapham.

The morning consisted of a quick chat about the brand, followed by celebrity chef Simmon Rimmer providing a great tutorial on how to cook delicious recipies with One Difference products. 

Duncun Gooose explained (surprisingly, in a rather entertaining form) how he founded the brand after travelling around the world on his motor bike. 
Duncan and Simon.

His journey consisted of some rather amazing stories of his travels (which only Duncan himself could give justice to) that lead him to discover the need for a project such as One Difference. 

He relayed his experiences to friends back at home in a pub, and after a lot late night thinking he gained their support. 

That was back in 2003, and since then the brand has grown from strength to strength -even my University stocks One produce. 

One Difference raise money by creating quality, everyday products and then donate 100% of the profits to life changing projects in developing countries.

The really clever bit is that every product funds a like to like project, making it easy for the consumer to understand where the money is going.

Duncan's initial goal was to change one persons life, to make just one difference.

I think it's safe to say that he has succedded that goal: The One Foundation Charity has already transformed 1.2 million lives by raising money to help conquer issues such as supplying fresh drinking water, sanitation, HIV, nutrition, finance and healthcare.

You can find out more information and visit the online at

Simmer Rimmer for The One Brand recipes:

Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Pepper Chutney
Lamb Tikka with Curried Cauliflower Pancakes
Earl Grey Tea Bread and Butter Pudding

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