Have Yourself a Very Luxurious Easter

April 08, 2012

With Easter here many are showing off their distinctive eggs over social media sites.

However, if you want a fashionable Easter egg, then Roberto cavalli has something for you.

Cavalli has created three specially designed Easter chocolate eggs - Giraffe, Zebra White, and Zebra Dark. Each egg, made of high-quality cocoa beans, also contains a surprise by Roberto Cavalli.

If you want this kind of luxury each egg will set you back €139 for 400g. You'll also find an exclusive and original Roberto Cavalli foulard inside the egg.

And for a smaller gift you can buy these miniature eggs which also contain an exclusive and original Roberto Cavalli gift inside, €49 for 140g of chocolate egg. 

These exclusive eggs are available at the Caffè Giacosa in Firenze, Italy, and online at www.caffegiacosa.it

Caffe Giacosa is owned by Roberto Cavalli, who tries to maintain the sophistication of early times with the authentic taste.

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