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March 27, 2014

Unoco Coconut Water

You may have heard drinking coconut water is the best way to rehydrate. 

Problem is, I don't like coconut water... Or so I thought! 

I came across Unoco in Whole Foods, although The Grocer announced last week that it will be available to buy in Waitrose from the end of the month. 

You may have noticed that the drink is slightly pink. This is due to it containing  higher levels of anti-oxidants found in young green coconut water, which naturally turn the water pink.

Apparently if you harvest the water from older coconuts, add preservatives or heat the liquid the water will not change colour. 

This raw pressed drink gives you a fresh taste that many other brands ruin with artificial nasties... It's like drinking straight from a coconut. 

RRP £2.49. Here's hoping they bring out litre cartons! 

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