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September 06, 2014

SkinnyLicious Persian Tomato Soup

Having been obsessed with my blender for a good few months, I've been hard at work experimenting with smoothie and soups combinations. 

Last week GLORIOUS! asked of I'd like to try their SkinnyLicious Persian Tomato Soup*. Curious at how my homemade creations would stand up, I accepted their offer.

Promising an explosion of flavour by combining roasted tomato and yoghurt with Eastern spices (including Ras El Hanout and Saffron), it had a lot of hype to live up to.

SkinnyLicious Persian Tomato Soup

As I slurped my first spoonful I was pleasantly surprised with it's fresh and fragrant flavour - it really is as good (if not, better) than anything I've whizzed up in the blender - and takes a lot less washing up after!

Most prepackaged soups seem to lack the intense taste found in fresh ingredients, or compromises on taste to offer low calorie options.

However, with the addition cinemon, lavender, nutmeg, cloves and rosebuds this Persian Tomato Soup packs a real kick!

It also contains no nastys - just natural ingredients - and half a pot contains one of your five a day. 

SkinnyLicious Persian Tomato Soup

After polishing off a large bowlful I was surprised at how full I was.

This simple soup contains bold flavours, giving a great alternative to the classic tomato combinations I'm sure most of us have grown tired of. 

With just 114 calories and 3.3g fat per half pot, this soup really is both easy on the eyes and waistline.

The skinnylicious range will retail at £1.99 and is available from both ASDA and Morrisons.

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