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August 29, 2014

Tesco Wine

What's the first thing you look at when selecting wine: The label? The vintage? The description?

The words on the back of a bottle don't mean much to me. After much deliberation I could pick 'a rich and smooth red with hints of summer berries' only to get it home to discover it's sharp and floral.

Tesco Wine  event

So, on Wednesday I attended a tasting event hosted by Tesco, who I believe have a great approach to wine. 

As part of the Tesco wine team’s continued efforts to help customers better understand wine, Tesco invited bloggers, journalists and wine lovers to create customer friendly descriptions for each of its 100 *finest wines. 

Tesco Wine

These descriptions were then translated into ‘word clouds’ and will be used in a variety of ways in store and online to help customers when selecting wine.

With over 100 wines on offer, I perched myself firmly at the dessert wine. Here I found the star of the show: a deliciously sweet tipple with hints of orange - perfect for pairing with cheese and rich chocolate desserts.

Tesco dessert Wine

Hopefully my novice wine descriptions will be of some use to the Tesco wine team ('smells like Christmas' was accurate, after all...). 

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