British Beef

October 13, 2014

Since global media outlets reported the EU horsemeat scandal, the British meat market has suffered a severe blow. 

Despite the fact that the majority of meat cuts were 100% genuine, local and international consumers began to doubt the authenticity of labels, packaging and sources. 

Thankfully, with the support of the British public, British meat is once again emerging among the top markets in the world. 

Thanks to the recent reintroduction of premium breeds such as wagyu, the British beef market is on track to flourish. 

Improved labelling and supply chain laws  will allow both local and international buyers to trace the exact journey of every cut, giving consumers peace of mind. 

Locally, the rejuvenation of historic trading hubs such as London’s Borough Market has greatly contributed to a growing interest in premium quality meat and a preference to ‘buy British.’ 

Farmers Markets have made a come back across the nation. They allow consumers to cut of the middle man (or men, in most cases) and purchase meat that is fresh, organic and 100% genuine straight from the farmer. 

Another factor contributing to the UK’s rekindled taste for beef is the emergence of online butchers. With just a few clicks of the button, British meat connoisseurs can take advantage of a meat delivery service direct to their doors. 

With EBLEX reporting that global meat consumption is expected to grow by 60-100% by 2050, the opportunities for British farmers are enormous.

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