Bone Daddies | South Kensington

February 10, 2015

Bone Daddies South Kensington

When I worked in Soho I became addicted to Ramen. 

One of my favourite places was the ever popular Bone Daddies, serving big bowls of hearty comfort food. 

Having moved office I was thrilled to hear Bone Daddies opened a pop up in Whole Foods, Kensington, just a few stops away.

Bone Daddies South Kensington

The new restaurant is MUCH larger than their Soho branch, which will be welcoming news to those who have endured the winding queue in Soho (yes, even on a Tuesday). 

Service was fast, as usual. We started our meal with steamed buns. The star of the evening for me was the fried chicken, slathered with kimchi mayonnaise and topped with pickles. 

Bone Daddies South Kensington

I added an extra egg and bamboo shoots to my T22 ramen which made the meal into a feast, whilst a side of cock scratchings bought heat to the dish. 

My old favourite, Sweet 3 Miso Ramen, disappointingly disappeared from the menu last year. Will it ever be bought back? Who knows... 

I left feeling full, satisfied and craving more buns filled with that addictive kimchi mayonnaise. 

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