PRESS London

February 25, 2015

Press London

If your idea of fresh juice is one you buy from the supermarket with a shelf life of six months, think again.

Cold pressed juices are one of the hottest food trends of 2015.

Cold-pressing is a juicing method that works without the use of blenders or blades. Blenders create a huge amount of heat, produced by friction, which can then destroy the sensitive enzymes within fruit and vegetables (which in turn affects the nutritional value of the juice and the taste). 

In short, by cold-pressing the fruit and vegetables juice retains the highest amount of nutrients possible, giving a healthier and tastier juice. 

One brand that has really grabbed my attention is PRESS London (their Instagram account is utterly inspirational).

Stocked in their stand-alone Soho store and within the Selfridges Food Hall, they maximise nutrient content, health benefits and intensity of flavour by cooling everything down to 3°C before juicing begins.

The vegetables and fruits are then pressed under 9 metric tons of pressure and are double filtered to ensure the consistency of texture, flavour and quality is maintained throughout without the pulp or froth.

Press London

Offering 3 day cleanses and bespoke subscriptions, PRESS London state a cleanse helps to remove the complex and ongoing process that the body’s digestive system has to deal with daily. The cleanse replaces it with a highly nutritious, enzyme rich and easily processed combination of juices, giving your body a well deserved break. 

After talking to staff at their Selfridges concession, I was prescribed an Aloe Vera filtered water which aids detoxification and the digestion system, boosts immune system and reduce inflammation and an SX Tonic which is hormone balancing.

I'd thoroughly recommend giving them a visit in-store before placing an order to discuss which juices would suit you best. I picked up my boyfriend a Wellness Tonic with Lemon, Ginger, Oregano oil, Garlic extract, Tangerine and Cayenne Pepper which cured his cold within a day. 

'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.'

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