Beer and Food Pairing

July 03, 2015

Beer and Food Pairing

Last week I joined the team from Friends of Glass UK at Taste of London to enjoy an afternoon of beer tasting.

I must admit, beer wouldn't be my drink of choice. In fact, if beer's the only alcoholic drink on offer, I will always stick with soft drinks. I find beer very bitter and gassy, and wouldn't dream to pair it with food.

Beer and Food Pairing

I learnt that glass acts as a natural shell around the beer which preserves flavour and nutrients. It is inert, which means unlike cans it needs no added chemical layer to keep the beer fresh. 
There’s no taint or aftertaste either – you just taste the beer and nothing else! Having learnt that the beer I've previously tasted may have been tainted, I was looking forward to seeing if I enjoyed the bottled beers.

Beer and Food Pairing

At the tasting we tried: 

Wild River by Fuller’s
4.5% ABV

This India Pale Ale brewed with American hops has hints of grapefruit and grass - tasting notes I specifically like in wines. Due to it's citrus notes, it is best paired with highly spiced or fatty foods – e.g. Indian and Mexican, fish and chips, creamy cheese - to refresh the pallet. 
Bitter and Twisted by Harviestoun
4.2% ABV

This is a golden ale was voted Champion Beer of Britain 2003. In my opinion it tasted of biscuits with a lemon aftertaste - I wasn't a fan. Although, if this is your tipple of choice (we all have different tastes) I was told it's best paired with a Sunday roast, bangers and mash or a Ploughman’s Lunch.

London Black Cab by Fuller’s
4.5% ABV

I didn't have high hopes that I would like this dark coloured stout. However, having tried it chilled it had hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee... I was hooked! Paired with Stilton cheese, chocolate desserts or BBQ meat dishes to enhance their flavour, this was my drink of the day. I'm looking forward to serving this at my next dinner party with the cheese board - I'm sure it will be a real talking point.

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