HỘP Vietnamese Breakfast

July 09, 2015

HỘP Vietnamese

 Yesterday I popped into HỘP Vietnamese for breakfast - a new street food inspired eatery in
Finsbury Avenue Square. 

In a rush and already late for a morning meeting, I quickly picked up an egg, bacon and crispy shallot Congee (a savoury rice porridge infused with Asian aromatics). 

Not thinking much of it, I quickly scurried out of the brightly decorated restaurant and set off for the office. 

Once I finally sat down and began eating I was pretty amazed with this little pot. For just £3.50 this was the most filling and tasty breakfast-to-go I have eaten all year (honestly!). 

Topped with fresh spring onion and infused with a delicious blend of spices (which, may I add, aren't spicy - I can't handle hot spice), this little pot set me up for the day. 

If you work in Broadgate I would highly recommend paying HỘP a visit (they also do killer juices!). I only wish there was a branch closer to my office.

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