Paris | Day Four | Notre Dame

August 05, 2015

croque monsieur parisstroll down the river towards Notre Dame
love lock bridge parisNotre Dame paris

We started our fourth day with a stroll down the river towards Notre Dame and picked up breakfast on the way (a croque monsieur is a must when visiting Paris!).

Notre Dame stained glass windows north transept rose Notre Dame

  The queue was very quick to get inside the cathedral, which was surprising. Decribed as the finest examples of Gothic architecture in France, the stained glass windows are the most magnificent I have ever seen - the north transept rose (pictured above left) was mesmerising to look at.

Unfortunately the queue to go to the roof was over 3 hours long, and with temperates of 27 degrees we couldn't face a long wait out in the sun. 

However, if you are planning a visit I read that a narrow climb of 387 steps to the top allows you to view the cathedral's famous bell and gargoyles up-close, as well as having a spectacular view across Paris. Many small individually crafted statues were placed around the outside to serve as column supports and water spouts. The statues were originally painted with vivid colours, as was most of the exterior, however the paint has now worn off revealing the grey stone. 

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