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September 16, 2015

Carrying a takeaway green juice is now hipper than sporting a double skinny soy latte. Drinking your greens is the latest addictive trend claiming to boost energy levels and combat ageing from the inside-out. However, all those green juices are not very cheap and soon start to make a hole in your pocket.

In search of an easy-to-take replacement I came across Fountain's new Super Green Molecule. Having heard good things about their other products I decided to give it a go - surely whoever had the clever idea of bottling a ton of greens is onto something?

Fountain Super Green Molecule 
Fountain Super Green Molecule Fountain Super Green Molecule

Amazingly, the radio-active liquid is free of artificial colours and flavours. Containing alfalfa chlorophyll, kelp and Hyaluronic Acid the product states it will help aid detoxification and cellular repair whilst strengthening the immune system. 

Containing over 40 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins each serving provides you with the equivalent to 6 bowls of dark green leaves.

I took one teaspoon (5ml) per day mixed with water for two months. The drink has a sweet kiwi flavour, but if you're not keen you can mix it with fruit juice.

Fountain Super Green MoleculeFountain Super Green Molecule
Fountain Super Green Molecule
Since taking the supplement I've noticed I haven't yet suffered from a cold and have decreased my  Starbucks trips as don't tend to hit a mid-morning slump (although, unlike other reviews, I wouldn't say the supplement has made a difference to my skin).
I haven't completely replaced my green smoothies (after all, they're delicious) but I'd recommend keeping this little bottle in your top draw to maintain your energy levels.

A word of warning, however tempting it is, do not drink directly out of the bottle. The strong green colour stains your tongue temporarily (I found out the hard way right before a client meeting... eeek!).

Available at Boots for £27.99 a bottle, a serving works out at less than 60p - a pretty good deal and a damn sight easier than eating 6 bowls of greens a day.

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