Olverum Bath Oil

October 27, 2015

Olverum Bath Oil

I'm writing this post from my sick bed, snuggled up with a hot Ribena. I've been struck down with sickness after a pretty intense 24 hour visit to Berlin, and am feelin pretty sorry for myself. 

Something I've found that has help my aches and pains is Olverum bath oil. I've been meaning to write about this little beauty for a while now, and as it's helped me revitalise in my hour of need I thought there's no time like the present. 

It's a highly concentrated and therapeutic bath product that contains 10 pure essential oils to help relieve muscle pain and soak away your worries. 

A small dash in the bath tub is more than enough to fill the bathroom (and the rest of your house) with a gorgeous smell that sticks to the skin long after you've dried off. 

The time-honoured formulation has remained largely unchanged for 83 years, and until now has only been known by a cult following in the UK. Now re-packaged in a luxurious glass bottle, Olverum recently launched under new British ownership. 

It's become such a favourite in my household I've began hiding it in my dressing table away from over enthusiastic pourers. 

Olverum Bath OilOlverum Bath Oil

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