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October 26, 2015

Sushishop London Box Food bloggers in paris
After a hard days work I wish I could come home, put my feet up and order a healthy, fresh and delicious dinner straight to my door.

Being a massive sushi fan, I often wonder: why can't Londoner's get good quality sushi delivered to their home? Picking up a discounted lunchtime box on the way home is not OK...

Well, a new home delivery sushi restaurant is about to take the UK by storm - and to make sure it's as good as they claim, I took the Eurostar to Paris with a group of food bloggers to see the brand in all it's glory.
East Paris East Paris
East Paris East Paris
Now, you may well be thinking 'why haven't I heard of this brand before' - but trust me, you'll soon become a massive fan and will wonder how we all put up with supermarket sushi for so long. 

Sushishop has just opened two stores in London, and is planning to open a further 15 UK shops in the next three years. When Sushishop launched in Paris during 1998, a market for sushi didn't exist like it does today. There were no options for an affordable take-out, and the company found it hard to recruit chefs that had both knowledge and creativity (amazingly, one of their first chef's is still with the company today, now training new members of the kitchen).  

East Paris blogger
Sushishop Sushishop
With 1,600 shops worldwide, Sushishop is the biggest consumer of sushi in Europe, with a huge 64% slab of of the European sushi market. Each shop has a huge demand for home delivery, which 50% of sales deemed as take-away and just 15% as eat in. With the free home and office delivery service now being launched across London, we can all start enjoying good quality grub at home and in the office.  

One thing my trip to Paris taught me was that Sushishop prides itself on offering balanced, healthy and authentic sushi with a twist of creativity. Their food contains no harmful ingredients or preservative, and ensures an authentic sushi experience whether eating in or taking away.

 Having visited multiple shops around the city, I found the freshness and quality of their products are exemplary, with every dish being prepared on site for each service. I was lucky enough to try their limited edition London Box which contains a dangerously addictive tuna and truffle California roll.
 ,I'll be visiting the London store next week to try their sushi box to share, so make sure you come back to read the review!


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