Learn How to Fly FIsh In London

November 11, 2015


 As a nipper I occasionally joined my Dad around the lake for a spot of fishing, catching nothing bigger than small striped perch. 

Fly fishing is often perceived as the sport for old men in chest high waders, but this is not the case anymore - even Paris Hilton has given it a go! 

Russell and I recently moved to Epping where there are many fishing lakes, however with neither of feeling confident enough to go alone we've stayed clear. Last month, coincidentally, we were invited to learn how to fly fish, and jumped at the chance.

Throughout the year Orvis are holding free casting lesson in Green Park, allowing you to come down and experience a little taste of fly fishing – a chance to escape the office, have some fun and have a go at casting.

With 30 years on the British high street and experienced in-store ghillies, Orvis are known as one of the world-leaders in fly-fishing. Providing the best resources to help you enjoy this fantastic sport, their free 101 beginner courses are the perfect way to learn something new.

We started the afternoon in their store learning about the principles of fly fishing from tackle to rods. We then set off to Green Park and started to learn how to fly fish - which was rather surreal as we were right in front of Buckingham Palace.

After getting to grips with the rod, instructors came round to guide you through technique, which was a lot easier than we first thought. Russell was even able to move onto more technical casts, and finally stopped whipping myself with the line by the end of the masterclass. 

We don't feel confident enough to go out on the lake on our own just yet, but it's given us the bug and inspiration to learn more. 

If you're interested in booking something similar you can contact Orvis here - they're super friendly so don't be shy!  

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