A Simple, Yet Delicious, Brunch

December 06, 2015

posh mushrooms on toast
Last week I popped down to Turnips in Borough Market to pick up some Jerusalem artichokes, when I spotted their seasonal mushroom boxes. 

Unable to resist temptation, I ended up with one in my basket. In the past I've used the mushrooms in slow cooked beef stews - however this weekend I lazily fried them up and served on bread. 

Keeping the dish simple let the flavour shine through, whilst also allowing you to whip it up in a matter of minuets. For an experiment, I was pretty pleased with the results. 
forgaged mushroomsforgaged mushrooms
forgaged mushrooms sacla truffle pesto

To make this yourself: roughly cut the mushrooms, strip the rosemary and throw into a non-stick pan.

foraged mushrooms foraged mushrooms
foraged mushrooms foraged mushrooms

 Add a large knob of butter and fry - season to taste with salt and pepper - and drizzle with a generous helping of double cream.

sacla truffle pestomushrooms on toast

Ladle onto toasted tiger bread and finish with a spoonful of Sacla's Truffle Pesto to add a pungent autumnal taste. 

Et voila - a rustic start to the day which is sure to keep you full until lunchtime.

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