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December 07, 2015

Union Việt Southwark

Having worked in Southwark for a few months now, I came across Union Việt by chance. Located on Union Street, it's very easy to walk past if you're not keeping an eye out.

Offering big bowls of authentic Pho (pronounced fuh), this is currently my favourite lunch-time haunt. Having tried both the chicken and vegetarian options, I have to say their vegetarian Pho wins hands down.  
Union Việt Southwark  

Union Việt Southwark Union Việt Southwark

Packed full of fragrant herbs, spicy ginger, sheer rice noodles and soft tofu, the clear broth is bursting with flavour without being too overpowering. Vietnamese food strikes the balance between hot, spicy, sweet and sour, and uses a whole lot of lime, garlic, ginger, chilli and brown sugar. Unlike Thai cuisine it’s minus the coconut milk richness, giving a sharper and more intense taste. All in all, it's a fresh and vibrant dish that packs zingy flavours - perfect for refuelling mid way through the day.

You can grab a bowl of steaming noodle soup and a drink for under a tenner, which is very reasonable.

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