Oolong Chocolate Chai

January 12, 2016

Chai is the kind of drink that nourishes you. In the bleak and cold month of January, you might need one most when you're busy, tired, stressed or to simply see you through the day.

The spicy drink we think of when we hear the word chai is inspired by masala chai, and has milk, spices, and often honey added. But, it doesn't have to take a whole afternoon to make a perfect spicy brew.

 There's no need to slave away over the hob brewing spices for you chai hit, as I recently discovered T2's Oolong Chocolate Chai: a chocolatey, cinnamony tea combination laced with pepper. An intriguing sweet, bright and spicy flavour, once mixed with creamy milk I've found it's THE answer to a bad day.
I add 1 tsp of the mixture per 250mls of water and leave to infuse for for 3-6 mins - you can either drink it as it is, or add a splash in milk.

For those of you wanting to make classic chai, follow the below video: 

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