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January 27, 2016

With only a few days left of January and the first pay-day of the year getting ever closer, it's time to finally celebrate some money in your pocket (even if it isn't there for very long).

Monday to Friday from the 4th to the 29th January you can enjoy 40 different blue plates for £2.70 at over 60 YO! Sushi restaurants across the UK.

Yo! Sushi blue plates

charlotte clarkecharlotte clarke

Russell and I popped down to their Southbank branch last week to give their blue plates a try, and I have to say we were really impressed with the quality of their food - hence the large stack of empty plates! 

We hadn't dinned in Yo!Sushi for years, so had to familiarise ourselves with the menu again. We had forgotten the tables had still and sparling water taps for unlimited refills, which came in handy as we scoffed down lots of salty soy sauce.

The staff were super friendly and suggested most of the dishes we ate - here's a few of our favourites:

Yo! Sushi blue plates

The Beef Tatak - black pepper seared beef with a coriander dressing. We weren't expecting good quality meat dishes in a sushi restaurant, but this surprised us. Order one each so you don't get food envy.

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Miso Baked Aubergine Aubergine - sweet ama miso sauce drizzled over half an aubergine and charred in the oven; how can you go wrong?

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Albacore Tuna and Truffle Ponzu Sashimi - the seared white tuna was delicious, however we couldn't taste a hint of the the truffle ponzu, which was a little disappointing.

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Seared Beef Nigiri - Seared rare beef with a blob of mayo, similar to the beef tatak but with rice. Could eat again, and again, and again...

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Salmon Dragon Roll Salmon - this is basically a California roll wrapped with salmon. Sounds good? It is. Order for yourself and hide behind the ginger.

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Spicy Chicken Roll - breaded chicken sushi with a rich sauce; make this one of your first dishes as it's pretty heavy but really tasty.

Yo! Sushi blue plates

Salmon and Yuzu Salsa Tataki - fresh salmon, cucumber, tomato salsa. Fresh, fragrant and beautifully presented, this is probably my favourite dish of the meal.

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