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February 03, 2016

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows

You might be surprised to hear this: I no longer pencil in my eyebrows.

'But they're so thick and luscious' you scream - that's because I've had imitation hair tattooed with semi-permanent pigment to look like natural brow hairs. Sounds impressive? It sure is.

With so many different semi permanent make-up artists to choose from, it took a long time to research my options. The thought of getting my eyebrows semi-permanently tattooed suddenly became rather daunting once it become a reality, and I wanted someone I could trust.

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke EyebrowsSemi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows
Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke EyebrowsSemi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows

After scrolling through hundreds of photos and reading many reviews online I finally stumbled across El Truchan Perfect Definition. Based in Harley Street and Holborn, El stood out to me as every review I read stated how patient she was. I certainly needed someone to guide me through the process and to put my worries at ease, and thankfully El was very understanding when I asked a million different questions during our first consultation.

I had my first treatment just before Christmas, which you can read about here, and requested a defined but natural looking arched brow. I was thrilled, if not a little shocked with the results - I couldn't believe the difference it made to my face. Even fresh from the bath my brows framed my face beautifully, and I honestly can't imagine not having them now!

After showing off my new brows to my friends and family, the most common question I faced was regarding the pain, but in all honesty after the anaesthetic cream was applied I couldn't feel much at all (I embarrassingly fell asleep during my first treatment much to El's amusement).

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows  Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows 
The difference between my eyebrows after the first treatment (left) and darker top-up (right) 

I returned a few weeks ago to get my top-up treatment to ask El to use a darker pigment and add a few hair strokes to my left brow - after the initial shock of the first treatment I felt a little braver this time and missed the super intense colour of when they were freshly done.

The beauty of the top-up treatment is that if you want the colour to be more intense or want the shape tweaked, it gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. It's included in the price of your treatment, so it's great value for money.

Since then El has been checking in regularly with me requesting pictures to check on the healing. This is the part of the service I thought went above and beyond, as even after the treatment was complete El's aftercare put my worries at ease (when my eyebrows start flaking and the pigment disappeared during the healing process I must admit I did get a little worried!).

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows  
Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows  
My eyebrows when I'm completely make-up free

As you can see from the above pictures, my brows certainly look a lot different make-up free. It's given me comfort knowing that halfway through the day my eyebrows won't be smudged and uneven, and that even on the beach my brows will be on fleek!

There's no denying it - eyebrows are serious business. Mine have gone from a pair of over-plucked, uneven sisters to sleek and strong twins. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows

I'm so pleased I found El as she made the whole process so easy. For anyone wanting to get the treatment done who's a little unsure or nervous, I'd advise you to book in a consultation with her as she instantly put me at ease.

Don't be afraid of asking for what you want and don't settle for anything less than your idea of perfection! A professional semi-permanent make-up artist will take the time to draw on the design before even thinking about getting a needle out, so there's plenty of time to tweak the shape. 

Semi-Permanent Hair Stroke Eyebrows

I'll now get my eyebrows topped up every 12 months, depending on fast they fade.

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