How To Make Your Wine Taste Better | The Soiree Wine Aerator Review

August 24, 2016

Soiree Wine Aerator

It is no secret that food and beverages taste better when mixed with a hearty dose of oxygen, which is why experts loudly slurp everything from coffee to soup. 

By incorporate more oxygen into a dish or glass it allows mellow flavours to develop. Traditionally this is why people are told to decant wine or open a bottle of red half an hour before serving, but realistically I always forget to do this and end up with a bitter Merlot with my Friday night steak.

Soiree Wine Aerator

I was recently sent The Soiree, a wine aerator that fits onto any standard wine bottle, which is meant to do the job of a decanter simply by pouring wine through it. The little gadget has dimples in the glass increasing the surface area which is meant to infuse liquid with oxygen.

I have to admit I was sceptical about its claims, however it genuinely does aerate your wine! Russell and I noticed the subtleties and character of the wine emerge immediately upon entering our glass, and it does taste like an "open" wine just by pouring through it!

Soiree Wine Aerator  

We invited the family round for a taste test comparing the aerated and 'poured straight from the bottle' glasses of wine and most believed they weren't even the same bottle as they tasted so different. We now pick up cheaper wine and use The Soiree to transform it into something delicious. This little gadget has fast become a kitchen essential we couldn't be without; we even bought it on a recent holiday to the Lake District! 

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