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September 02, 2016

Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky

Southern cuisine has serious soul. From barbeque to sophisticated Creole classics, Southern cooking is famous for big, big flavour.
Joe's Southern Table has teamed up with Jim Beam this summer to bring you the biggest dose of Southern flavours and hospitality around. with their Taste of Kentucky menu.
Satisfy your cravings with a feel-good BBQ feast offering comforting flavour infusions. Each of the dishes are infused with one of the Jim Beam flavoured bourbons and paired with a delicious Jim Beam cocktail. It doesn't get much better than hearty portions of homestyle favourites, and we're glad we arrived with a huge appetite as Joe was servin' up pretty massive portions. 
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky 
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky
Russell and I were joined by the lovely Yasmin (one of my favourite London blogger gals) and her partner Matt.
We started the meal with a portion of Southern Fried Wings in Tabasco and Jim Beam Honey Sauce. This was skilfully paired with a honey and Vanilla Bourbon Milk Punch made with Jim Beam Honey, vanilla syrup and milk, garnished with a honeycomb. This food/cocktail combo worked particularly well as the milk gave a cool and cleansing contrast to the sweet, hot and sticky chicken.   
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky 
Next up was a Pulled Pork Bun with Jim Beam Apple BBQ Sauce accompanied by Smoked Chicory Apple Sours, made with Jim Beam Apple, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, angostura bitters and chicory essence.
The apple based drink was a classic partner to the pork dish and the crunchy slaw gave a much needed crunch to the melt in the mouth meat. Wisely, us girls didn't finish our plates as we knew another burger was coming, however Russell finished it with ease, joking he could do with another...
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky
Russell's dreams came true and we were all served a Joe's Burger with Jim Beam Red Stag-glazed bacon, cheese and pickles. Yes that's right... another burger and fries EACH. 
The burger was served with a Black Cherry Old Fashioned, made with Jim Beam Red Stag, Demerara sugar syrup, whisky bitters and orange zest. The cherry added a subtly sweetness that worked well with the glazed bacon whilst the zesty orange cut through the heavy burger.
Jim Beam Taste of Kentucky
As you can imagine we all rolled home after our meal with substantial food babies. 
 If you've got a big appetite and you're looking to satisfy your soul, this comforting menu from Jim Beam is the answer to all of your dreams.

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