WINOL feedback -Bulletin 1

February 09, 2011

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you and well done to everyone who worked on Winol this week. For our first bulletin I think it went really well -and we can only improve from here on!

Individual Feedback:

Karen Purnell, Managing Editor:

An amazing job has been done on advertising this week -Reader Response is already at an all time high! Next week could you manage the website ticker and note any technical problems which need the loan counters attention.

Cara Laithwaite, Presenter/Bulletin Editor/Cheif Sub

The scripting this week couldn't be better -complete control over the script was kept (with help with Gareth). Your presenting was natural and relaxed, and you're hand are under control! Subbing has been allocated well.

Domonique Jenkins, Production Editor

A big well done to the production team is needed! For a first week technical problems were dealt with well, and forward organisation cannot be faulted. Now we've had our first week i think you now need to know what is expected, so next week we should be on the ball! You managed your team with great control and kept calm throughout the whole day -the more bulletins we do, the better we'll get!

Justina Chlad, Director

You rescheduled the 'bulletin live time' appropriately and queued everything on time. Remember you're in charge of the gallery, so let everyone know that! (I apologise for getting involved, next week I'll take a back seat) You were really helpful at editing, and the production team rely on you for this.

Drew Bridger, Production

You have a great attitude and thirst for knowledge! You were really helpful throughout the whole day, which is what we need. Just remember to set up sound and check lighting as soon as you set up the gallery in the morning (get the production team to quickly pose as presenters) and listen to Dominique's instructions -I know everyone kept trying to grab you away but from next week you will be solely based in the gallery. Thanks for you optimism throughout the day!

Claire Lomas, Production

For your first time on vision mixing you did a brilliant job! I was told you had hardly any training, so I'm really impressed with how well you coped -Especially when the green screen went down. You took control of opening up the studio whilst Dominique was in a meeting, so great annotative.

Katie Rowles, Production

You and Claire designed the football graphics which were good for a first attempt. With little training on the auto-que you did excellently, especially as it kept crashing. Well done on quickly typing up the auto-que as well, you were under serious pressure!

William Cooper, Sports Editor

You helped out with a lot of editing what wasn't you're own today, so I want to thank you for that. Sports wise you've been very organised, and the packages your team produced were good. Sports week is of a high standard already, but you need to check your teams scripting before they record their voice overs and then check the quality of these. You sorted out a new sports news story for the bulletin at short notice with Gareth as well, so well done with coping with the spontaneity of that task. Match reports are also on time, whoo!

Mikey Smith, Chief Sports Reporter

Your scripting is really coming along and is probably the best on the team. You need to be more aware of your voice over quality (this is a comment which has been said before so please be aware of this next week). Well done for recording the match on Saturday on your own, you did a really good job -keep it up!

Aimee Pickering -Sports reporter

Your package for sports week is amazing, good scripting (although you need more facts) and top-notch visuals!!! -You're voice on your package was perfect. When presenting try to look more natural.

Jake Gable -Sports Reporter

Good forward planning. You need to be in on Wednesdays to help the whole team please.

Gareth Messenger -Sports Reporter/Presenter

As said in Will's feed back, well done with dealing with the sports news story. Your package was well shot and interview was comical!! Get Mikey or Will to help you with scripting please. Your work on the script for the bulletin was really appreciated; this script was excellent (probably because you've been news trained) so it shouldn't be hard to get up to scratch on sport. You was a really help throughout the day, thanks!

Michael Connolly -Sports Reporter

Your package amazing!! You're doing really well on sport, great editing and content. Only downside is that your interview is very dark. Voice over is good quality.

News Editor -Julie Cordier

You've done a brilliant job this week! You kept calm and organised throughout the week (even through my on-going demands) and managed your team well -even with new reporters. No packages had any problems with them either, and you made sure balance was kept. I can't really criticise anything else, so short and sweet, well done!

Andrew Giddings -Chief Reporter

Brilliant forward planning for next week with your news stories. You did really well on your live interview, I cannot fault you!

Dave Champion -News Reporter

With what I asked you to do today, you did really well. The interview isn't amazing, but it's amazing that you made that within 5 minuets. You coped with all my 'demands' today within a really short time frame without panicking, well done. Good forward planning for next week as well!

Hana Keegan -News Reporter

Really good scripting in package and voice over was clear and concise. Liked the voice over at the beginning of the interview. Interview background needs to be better next time. Good support through the day for the team, thanks!

Kieran Brannigan -News Reporter

Piece to Camera was much better than before, thanks for taking my advice the night before -I know it's stressful (be aware of head room though). Good opening sequence, loved the graphic as well! Make sure you interview with a better background next time please. Really good attitude throughout the week.

Sam Homewood -News Reporter

Unfortunately your package was spiked from the bulletin because it was saved in the wrong file format, which was a shame as I really wanted it in there! It was a good package overall, although control your hands when doing your piece to camera (look at Stu's packages).

Natasha Spencer, Sam Harper and Shira Pinczuk -News Reporters

Unfortunately I can't give individual feedback in as much detail as I would like as you all worked closely together on your package; however next week you will work alone, so I should be able to then. Your package had very strong pictures and you had done a lot of research into the story. Natasha have more faith in yourself, you did great and your pice to camera was good for your first try, but try to be a but more natural (It's hard I know but this will come with practise). Scripting was also strong.

Colin Boag -Features Editor

You were happy to give what's on a go when we all thought it was doomed, so well done with that! I'm really excited about your plans for features and your ambition and organisation is great. Don't be too scared of video, you'll understand it soon enough within our work environment. The written features so far have been great! keep up the good work (
and email-ing!).

Rebecca Grey -Production

You really helped out the production team today and it was really appreciated; you're easy to work with and have a great knowledge of production even though you haven't been trained. Get planning with next weeks what's on with Jack -Thats make it a good one!

Ali -First year

You did really well on the VT machine with everyone shouting at you and are always a reliable runner, thanks for coming in!

Josh -First year

It's really beneficial for yourself and the team that you're trained on camera's -i know i can rely on you for this and your feedback about me and my role throughout the day is really appreciated.

George and Uldduz -First years

Great work on the radio yesterday guys. Keep up the good work, I have told Chris what you are doing and he's really impressed. A lot of you're work is behind the scenes for the next few weeks, but it's not going un-noticed!

A note to everyone:
Please try to sit at your teams desks were possible as it makes it easier to talk to the teams and editors can manage you better. Do not sit in the MMC as the computers freeze a lot (as seen today) and technical problems occur.

-It might be nice for someone to get a little thank you card for Dave (the technician) as he help with A LOT of technical problems today; thats keep him happy with Winol!

Also sorry for using 'good', 'brilliant', 'amazing' and 'well done' so much -I run out of adjectives and it's a Wednesday night so my brains fried!

Thanks for all your hard work team; thats do it all again next week, and better! :)

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  1. Thanks for that :) I will definitely be getting Dave a card as I suspect we will need him again soon.

    Also thanks soo much to Ali, in the first year as he literally learnt how to use the VT machine a minute before he had to do it and he took direction really well. So thanks a lot to him too :)


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