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March 12, 2015

Graze Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 

Despite half of the British public agreeing with the above statement, a recent survey found that more than a third often shun breakfast, and one in 10 never cecum to cereal's seductive cry.

 Over half blame a lack of time for not eating it, with one in 10 Brits stating their long commute to work does not give them enough time for breakfast.

Graze Cereal Graze Cereal

 With numerous articles being published every week regarding the health benefits of starting the day  in a nutritious and filling way, I looked for the easiest way possible to incorporate brekkie into my daily routine. 

Already a huge fan of Graze.com's snack boxes, I discovered they had started offering breakfast boxes.

With 20 different varieties conveniently delivered to your door, it sounded like the perfect option for a woman who power walks to the station every morning in fear of missing her train.

Graze Cereal Graze Cereal

For the last month I've been enjoying a weekly delivery - enough to fuel my mornings for 4 days a week (with 3 reserved for something a little more indulgent).

It may sound cliche, but I've found that a simple cereal breakfast every morning has helped keep me alert until lunchtime. It's also kept me fuller for longer, and therefore has replaced unhealthy mid-morning office snacks. 

Graze.com is currently offering your first box for half price here

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