Früute Tart

September 28, 2011

Früute Tart

New Los Angeles based pastry shop Früute found their match made in 
sweet tooth heaven when they hired Ferro Concrete
to brand their mouth watering bakery concept.

The design direction for Früute uses an exceptionally clean, modern 
and natural aesthetic, creating an engaging and unique experience 
for a premium product that’s entirely unordinary.

Früute Tart
Sea Salt Cramel: I love the attention to detail
with the single flake of salt on top.
Früute Tart
My favourite here is the Wasabi Tart: It looks great and incorporates
strong hot flavours with sweet undertones. 

These deserts appear on so many levels beyond food, beauty was the first to come to mind. 
“We are like fruit matchmakers” they said when speaking about their philosophy,
but they seem to have matched a lot more than fruit to create these 
unforgettable pieces of food art.

Seen as their products are mini works of modern art and contain unique, 
mouth watering flavours 
it's surprising they only retail at $3 each!

Früute Tart

The Ingredients: 

I also have a love of simple, clean photography, and thought their ingredient pictures where a quirky way to show what is in their products. 

-Imagine seeing a photographic list of ingredients for other products such as Coca Cola, Crispy Cream Doughnuts or Iceland ready meals....

cake ingredient flatlay

cake ingredient flatlay


  1. This look like a pieces of art! so very minimalist and for sure are delicious!!!!

  2. yum.. this looks delicious!

  3. Great Blog! +Followed :)

  4. Thank you all for your feedback; much appreciated!


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